Research Shack
Research For Everyone

Search Engine For Content Ideas

Writing content is a messy process
Writers research for content every day.

They put in hours to know…

    1. What is their audience’s interests?
    2. What content format appeals to them?
    3. Which content theme may work?

Research helps, but…

    1. It is messy.
    2. There is no structure.
    3. It takes time.
I hated research too.

Instead I wished,

    1. I got a clear list of important ideas.
    2. I always knew where and how to get them.
    3. It’s on demand.

A Solution: Don’t Research
We built a central database of content insights.
We use it for campaigns and content.
It worked for us.

What if we make it open to everyone?

Introducing Research Shack

It’s search engine for content ideas.

    1. 30 Trello Cards every week.
    2. Each card has a theme.
    3. Each theme has relevant topics.

Already better.

    1. No shooting in the dark.
    2. Focus more on crafting content and campaigns.
    3. On demand and always on.

I will take 10 minutes for the demo.
We can do a call or a chat using Hangout or Skype.

Just write to me at .